Bring a Passion for Community-Driven Governance to City Council

  • Nobody knows our communities better than the people that call them home. As such, the best planning, design, and growth strategies and ideas always come from the community up, not the administration down.
  • As your Councillor, I will prioritize a harmony between inner-city redevelopment and the preservation of community character as Ward 7 and the City continue to grow and rejuvenate.

Set Calgary on a Path of Financial Sustainability

  • Investing in supports for small businesses and removing barriers for new entrepreneurial ventures is key in ensuring the long-term strength of our communities.
  • To ensure an economically sustainable future for Ward 7 and the city at large, new suburban and inner-city developments will be evenly balanced and will prioritize local financial solvency.
  • As your Councillor, I will act as a steady and prudent fiscal hand to ensure that the city lives within its means and Calgarians see significant value for their tax dollars.

Champion New Policy Strategies to Solve our Downtown Vacancy Crisis

  • With so much of our municipal tax base coming from the core, the recovery and revitalization of our downtown precipitates an era of city-wide financial stability.  Financial incentives, streamlined investment processes, and property tax breaks are critical in attracting new businesses, new residents, new developers, and new investors to our downtown core.
  • As your Councillor, I will dedicate myself to revitalizing the core of our city and its surrounding communities through community-driven policy solutions.

Prioritize Freedom of Choice in Transportation and Mobility

  • Improving recreational and commuter mobility throughout Ward 7 by investing in new and existing transportation networks is critical in ensuring the long-term sustainability of our communities.  As such, multi-modal networks must be supported and tailored for the community's needs and preferences.  The advancement of multi-modal infrastructure development plans for Ward 7, including pedestrian safety and access improvements through the Crowchild Trail, 16th Avenue N, and Memorial Drive corridors, will strengthen our neighborhoods and improve our overall quality of life.
  • As your Councillor, I will ensure that accessible and diverse mobility options for all are championed and maintained across Ward 7.