"Matt and I met at the U of C during our studies. I am happy that he's chosen to run for council, and I'll tell you why.

Matt and I sit slightly across a political divide. Normally, this is a catastrophic start for a friendship with me. But over the course of studying, working with, and being a project partner with Matt, I was impressed by quite a few things. Matt is a thinker, doer, and enactor; but above all, he listens.

Friends, he listens. <- a true rarity in the political field

Matt is a business-focused enabler of that certain magic that leads to dynamic cities. He isn't dogmatic, and works to find a common ground. He LISTENS, dialogues, responds, and adjusts to realistically-guided priorities accordingly. Matt has impressed me, as too few people try to find a common, middle, or even at least a relatable ground.

Because of this, I implore you to seek out his platform. You will probably like what you see. If you like it enough, you might be tempted to share; I encourage that as well. Calgary has gotten a little too politically-tribal in recent years; I see a divide growing that feels a bit too akin to American-style politics. This shouldn't happen, Calgary's in Canada and not the States for a reason, after all. I like Matt's approach. Calgary couldn't do better in Ward 7, and it could do much worse.

I unreservedly give Matt Lalonde my support, and I hope you might choose to do so as well."



"Although I don’t live in Ward 7, I would sure vote for you if I did. You have a lot to offer public office and I hope this just a beginning. All the best!"



"Matt was my classmate at the University of Calgary and can vouch for his sense of self accountability and motivation.  Good Luck!"



Donors (Updated: 10.17.21)

  • R. McNeil : $510
  • B. Van Horne : $200
  • G. Yan : $100
  • J. Harris : $100
  • P. James : $100
  • C. Lalonde : $150
  • M. Lalonde : $1,000